I am a spokesperson….

I dont like salespeople. Something that many of us share.  After all, they are only there to ‘get’ something from you, right?  Buy their [whatever] and pay them for it.  And they will give you all kinds of ‘hard sells’ to get you hooked.  And once you buy it, returning it can be worse than […]

Probabilities in Evolution

Interesting discussion on the mathematics of the evolutionary process…… Does Evolution Have a . . . Chance? by Mike Riddle on May 30, 2014 One has only to contemplate the magnitude of this task to concede that the spontaneous generation of a living organism is impossible. Yet we are here—as a result, I believe, of […]

The Physics of Sin

This is a very Christian themed post.  If you aren’t into that, and you want to hear my song (of course you do  🙂 ) go down to the end…. Why God “made” or “allowed” sin is one of the greatest stumbling blocks to anyone seeking to understand the purpose of God’s salvation plan.  And […]

The Foundation of (My) Belief

Today’s Daily Prompt: I Believe  got me thinking about the foundations of what I do and do not believe.  The problem is limiting it to just three!  We all believe in something or someone.  We walk in faith every day.  For example, we all believe that, when we get into the car, we will make it to our destination […]

Four Blood Moons

Nasa states that there will be four blood moons from April 15, 2014 to October 2015.  They have given the dates of these events. Of significance, the first blood moon is on Passover April 15. The next is on Sukkot 10/8/14. A solar eclipse will occur on Adar 3/29/15 the day of Nissan, the Jewish […]

Comfort in Grief

The day before my dad died I had urgent end of year banking to complete and while standing in line saw a couple from church.  Now I never see anyone I know when I am out, partly because I probably don’t look (I am the worst observer)!  But I couldn’t miss them, they were right […]

A Child’s Last Christmas

Every year countless children die around the Christmas holidays.  As a pediatric nurse, I have agonized with families who have children who have died Christmas day. For them, the holidays will always be touched with an ache only the death of a child can give.  As a cancer survivor, I have felt firsthand the potential of […]