A Child’s Last Christmas

Every year countless children die around the Christmas holidays.  As a pediatric nurse, I have agonized with families who have children who have died Christmas day. For them, the holidays will always be touched with an ache only the death of a child can give.  As a cancer survivor, I have felt firsthand the potential of […]

Oh Christmas Free

I  wish that Christmas could be free: Free to be “unshared” with a glittery tree Free of the capitalistic piece of pie Free of a percentage of the GNP -<-o-o->- I wish that Christians could be free: Free to view Christmas with “unglittered” eyes Free of unhappy, whiny, give me cries Free to allow pagan […]

Thankfulness from the Heart

The title to this post is from a verse in the Book of Psalms.  As part of Thanksgiving folklore, we are told that the Pilgrims, a devoutly harsh and depressing Christian sect, sat down with people they did not like (yes, not very Christian of them) and ate the harvest bounty.  Later this story was immortalized with […]

Triquain: Tethered

For Kira’s Motif Mondays:  The Unpoet Poems Tethered Heart Grounding my Paupered Soul Forever Bound by Undeserved Grace Spiritual Strength in this World of Insanity Purposeful Life, Wanderless No More My Hope and Redeemer Creator Triquain: The Triquain, created by Shelley A. Cephas, is a poem with several creative variances and can be a rhyming or non-rhyming […]

My Lost Twisted Road

I wrote the poem below with anguished remorse when I decided to get my heavenly account book balanced with God.  And it was so in the red that climbing out has been a struggle, to say the least.  Thank you one and all who write beautiful encouraging posts.  They are potatoes to the meat of God’s word.  […]

The Allure of Advent

  Religious and pagan holiday juxtapose on December 25, thanks to Emperor Constantine, who sought to please the masses by combining winter solstice rituals with the celebration of Jesus’ birth.    While he was a brilliant politician, in my opinion he did a disservice both to Christmas and the winter solstice.   They are nothing alike, no tie binds them; […]

Distraction Attraction

(Satan wrestling with Archangel Michael) Sigh….. my bizarre color choice for Christmas is what you see…..this template is NOT holiday friendly!  So to officially kick off the Christmas season, I felt it prudent to remind myself of the real reason why I celebrate this holiday and change out my colors….to this.  And no I am not […]