The Ultimate Sound of Destiny quote

 “The ultimate sound of destiny is but a heart pausing for the next life-beat.” Philosophical richness from memoirsofadragon Advertisements

Turning 45 #7

I know I have turned 45 when my two favorite spa treatments are tucks and preparation H.

Turning 45 #6

I know I have turned 45 when…..my toenails are so thick that I have to clip them with garden shears!

Forging your road quote

Don’t let your situation NOW define who you are later…. Mindlovesmisery

Mindlovesmisery Quote

“Almost doesn’t captivate the same way that forever does” Isnt that the profound truth? Thanks to the great poetry of mindlovesmisery for reminding me of this truth.

Nyquil Quote

Nyquil: the best stuff on earth for drunk-driven-drugged-dementia! LOL my husband took this of me with 2 days of uncombed hair and in My Zone……Fairy Zombies are alive and well. I should enter this into a Death Warmed Over contest!

Quote: Underwear Woes

You know you are getting fat when……  all of your underwear have turned into….                                                         thongs Author: ME