Turning 45 #7

I know I have turned 45 when my two favorite spa treatments are tucks and preparation H. Advertisements

Turning 45 #6

I know I have turned 45 when…..my toenails are so thick that I have to clip them with garden shears!

Quote: Underwear Woes

You know you are getting fat when……  all of your underwear have turned into….                                                         thongs Author: ME

Quote: Now

“NOW is the nanosecond between the past and the future;  the moment when the chessboard activates–the one moment when ones’ next move can be played.” Lori Pinkley What is now to you?

Work Quote

I work best with a tried and true cocktail of avoidance and  denial mixed with a dash of manic humor…… 🙂 Author: Me!

Thinking Out of the Box Quote

“Ideas expand the mind, even when they are not correct, for they get us thinking in new ways that sometimes lead us to an answer we least expect.”  Author: Me  🙂

Quote: Obsession Observation

The more you obsess over the moment, the less you actually get out of it.  Source: ME