Perspective Fibonacci

  Life Game On! Inner moves, personality, colors our inner perspective. Positive or negative thought patterns create moods. Black pessimism or white optimism? Wise choices change the outcome of your game. Odd poem you say?  Let me reframe it a bit.  I recently watched a thought-provoking documentary by BBC personality and journalist Michael Mosley called “Don’t Worry Be Happy”.  In […]

Epiphany Fibonacci

Photography by:  Spinnos Manolis “Spark” lights up ……IDEA……. Vision awakens  as neurotransmitters ignite. This energy releases to surrounding neurons as images coalesce into fireworks of concussive epiphany. Ok, I liked this Fibonacci, and since I spent some time on it while you all were NOT at work on the 4th, unlike me, and you paid no attention […]

Tribute Fibonacci

My mom is turning 70 and we gave her a big party.  She has never had a big party, and she is so excited about it.  Her family is here and she is in heaven.  Family is the most important part of her life outside of her love for God.  I didn’t have a choice […]

Hope Fibonacci

Hope Desire Expectation Future fulfillment A bright promise of tomorrow Someday and somehow juxtapose with certainty Strong desire and corresponding expectation drives the inner mind to fantasy

Regret Fibonacci

Black Sorrow Relentless Gravitational Teetering into an abyss Memories circling around an event horizon Conscious choice; slingshot away or fall over the edge to a place of no return Picture:

Distortion Fibonacci

Form Mass Drooping Heaviness Weeping bodies age Stretched elongated wrinkled form Distorted hound dog faces as Youth’s beauty fades Eventually we return to the ground as water evaporates to dust Picture: the

Catharsis Fibonacci

  Vile Dart Piercing Hindsight Thoughts Bring Anguish and Grief Remove this Vile Thing from my brain Memories flow out with arterial bleeding Flushed out with unconstipated relief, as catharsis regains hold on reality   Picture by: