Getting Stuck on the Loo

I have come across the darnedest predicaments ass part of my war journey with Ehler-danlos and assorted afflictions.  The most recent being getting stuck on the loo. Hmm…you say. Getting stuck on the loo? you say (as if repeating it could make it any less incomprehensible, right?) You mean, Getting stuck IN the loo right? […]

How to SNAG a man….

I admit it.  I have an awful sense of humor.  I decided to create a Top Ten for SNAGging a Man.  If you are easily offended please skip this one!  I shall now go back “into my corner”…. 10. Don’t be a nag 9. Exercise fiendishly, no matter how much you want to drag… 8. Bat […]

Can “nose picking” and “pickles” be said in the same sentence?

Ephesians 4:29 “No foul language is to come from your mouth, but only what is good for building up someone in need.” Great advice,  and the world would be a better place if we could follow it.  I have a problem with words.  They pop out of my mouth before I even realize they are […]

The Things We Do At Conferences….

Today’s daily prompt is Let’s Go Crazy and asks for the craziest thing you have ever done or what you would do if you gave yourself permission to go crazy. I am an impulsive person.  And generally impulseiveness only leads to trouble.  Like the time I decided to touch an electric fence on a dare.  Dares […]

Words that make you go hmmmm…..

I love words, but I hate overused words with no definitions to them (“nice”).  I love to made up words, as I have demonstrated in several posts.  Words fill my life with meaning.  Just writing them down makes me giddy.  No need for other substances for me, words are my alcohol and drugs.  Back “in […]

The Pile to File

I have an embarrassing pile. That pile is as tall as a mile! (Yes I can embellish with stile….) I must turn that Procrastinating Dial and put a dent in that Pile to File! For that Pile will take a good long while! Hundreds of papers finances to compile; Looking at it turns my skin color to bile […]

A universal truth

ME (Laying in bed feeling like fossilized bat guano)  “I am seriously effed up” Brent:  (Turned to stone,  moments pass)  “There is so much truth to that statement and so many layers to my answer that my mind has momentarily blown” The love from my family knows no bounds.  It is in illness that one […]