I don’t plan on rotting in the ground when I die.  No, too little land left for my 6 feet.  My decision was cemented when 100 year old bodies floated down the Missouri during the 1993 floods.  I don’t want parts of me breaking off in a river decades from now to be eaten by river […]

“Falling” in Love

The world has written about love for so many centuries that the subject is dried out, dehydrated into a raison. When I read most romantic tales I see infatuation, not love.  The idea of “Falling into Love” is really a deceptive misrepresentation of infatuation and lust.  For these feelings are a gripping passion, an overwhelming feast of feeling, a physical crash dive […]

2014, Check

Oh no, another personal resolution post. I will not regale you with a list of books or movies or plays I want to see or read.  Although if you have any great ones send them my way, I am at low tide for reading material.  I love Jane Austinish stuff.  Yes, romantic soul who likes clever scenes […]

International Label Day

Yes, this is me with a fish face and a dead fish hat on my head…. International Label Day is defined by the Urban Dictionary as a day where we celebrate the beauty of words that we allow to shape us.  For Rarasaur’s International Labor Day post (HERE), I decided to investigate the words I use […]

What Once Was

As usual, today I got a load of mail.  Mail has become a dinosaur of irritation.  Bills and adverts if you are lucky.  Or, if not, that dratted speeding ticket or the letter stating your son is in danger of failing.  I never get good stuff. I used to love the mail as a kid.  I […]

Intuition and Deja Vu

Numerous books have been written about the mystery of intuition and déjà vu.  So it is a tall order to comment on it in a blog. But, as usual, I have a theory! Surprised? If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you shouldn’t ! My first experience with déjà vu was […]

The Tide of Belief

B-E-L-I-E-F Six letters that make the world go round.  After all, the framework of your day revolves around what you believe.  Your car is sound, your food is free of disease, your spouse loves you, your boss will pay you.  Disbelief yields indecision and paranoia.  Therefore, belief is necessary in order for a society to progress. […]