Dramatic Tales

Let Go….Or Be Dragged

Today was the start of a two-week vacation. A vacation desperately needed as I am IN A FUNK, downtrodden and mentally beat up. I have been dreaming of the moment when I step out onto the beach with my drink of choice and sink into a recliner and listen to the waves. If all had […]

When Trust Becomes Terror

One in three females are molested by the age of 18, so say the statistics.  I read so many of you who deal with the pain and terror and PTSD related to terrible events in your past.  You are survivors, and I admire your fortitude. I am very fortunate. I have not had to endure the full […]

“The Road of the Loving Heart”

After the death of Robert Louis Stevenson an interview of a Samoan chieftan was written around 1900 in Life magazine. Mr. Stevenson suffered from miliary TB and went to Samoa to ease his last days of suffering. He was so stricken over the plight of the people on this island that he used his resources and influence to […]

Get out of Jail Card

My son had his court evaluation the day before my dad died, and in all the ruckus I realized that I never blogged the good outcome! We went to the meeting with no expectations. I prayed that whatever the outcome I would accept it and rejoice that it wasn’t worse.  We met with the county probation […]

Committing an Egregious Error, Two

Part Two of WordPress Challenge: Cliffhanger “Wh–what?” I stupidly asked.  I stared at him, to astonished and confused to say anything else. “Yes, I will commit you if you don’t behave in here. I am prescribing you an antidepressant and I expect that you will take it without any problems.”  His tone was flat and […]

“Committing” to an Egregious Error

I was hospitalized when I was 22 years old for Danger To Self.  Losing The Boyfriend was the last straw to a series of events too hard for me to deal with all at once.  Boyfriends always are the last straw, aren’t they? I had the idea that I would get some rest and recover from my despondency […]

Sad decisions

My mom has decided to let my dad go on Tuesday or Wednesday.  We meet with hospice tomorrow to discuss it and how to let him pass peacefully. She is just bewildered and a bit befuddled.  How to live on one’s own after 47 years of marriage to a man who did it all for […]