Family Tales


I went to a Luau last night. I have been to several Luau’s in the past and this one was really fun!  It is the first time I saw the story of the Polynesian trip to Kauaii told in song and dance.  And the firedancer was truly amazing.  Unfortunately no pics allowed, so all you […]

Waimea Canyon

I don’t think I have words to describe the beauty of Waimea Canyon and these pictures don’t do it justice!  One can spend days there hiking on the trails and letting the beauty of God’s perfect palatte sink into your soul. On the way to the Canyon, we stopped by a couple waterfalls.  I love, […]

Princeville Botanical Gardens

I spent 5 amazing hours at the Princeville Botanical Gardens, a magical place  where the owners carved out a mountain and created a wonderland.  It looks like a rain forest with a canopy and all the dense vegetation and foliage one would expect in a place like that.  I have been to many botanical gardens, but nothing like this one. […]

Catamaran in Kauai

The only way the NaPali coast can be viewed is by boat or air, and as my mom does not like helicoptors we decided to take a 5 hour dinner tour. On the way we visited the Kauai Coffee Company, the largest coffee grower in the US, with 3100 acres of perfection.  We tasted several […]

Kauai in photos

After a second plane required not one but TWO maintenance fixes, we arrived over 24 hours late but in one piece.  As I have only gone to the islands in the winter, I quickly found that summer sunlight exposure is viscious.  I have chronicled my sun woes in Melanin Challenged  and a twenty minute swim the […]

Let ‘er Happ’n Capp’n

One of my dad’s favorite phrases is the following: “Is you ready Ski King?”  He would ask when the culprit was too slow at something. “Let ‘er happ’n Capp’n” was the expected response from whomever of his family that he was currently addressing.  And that person was expected to get up and move, now. This famous phrase in […]

A Fantastic Birthday Present

I had a boring birthday.  It snowed 10 inches.  I was off work because I took a vacation day.  My unit was closed for the winter storm and everyone got paid to be off.  Except me.  Since I had already taken a vacation day I had to use it.  Sucks to be me. I got to […]