Breast Cancer

Gratitude and silver linings

I was asked to post a video by a fellow blogger about his wife’s journey with mesothelioma at the age of 36.  It is a 3 minute video, and an amazing story.  I am too cheap to pay for video, so here is the link.  She and I share the ability to see the silver […]

My Chronic Phantom Nipple Itch This picture made me laugh so  I had to share.  And the itchy eyelashes are very near and dear to my….story below. I had a friend ask me some time ago to post an update on my cancer journey for breast cancer awareness month.  At first I thought, well, I don’t have one.  I […]

My New Nipple Has Eyelashes And Is Winking At Me

I have lost an important conversation starter. I now longer have a nipple-less boob.  At least I don’t think I do.  I actually don’t know what I have under the sutures and steri-strips and bandages.  I have a problem with thinking that procedures are less intensive than they generally turn out to be.  I have had this procedure scheduled for […]

My Lining Isnt Silver, It’s Gold

This post is for Rarasaur’s Prompt for the Promptless: Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining Three years ago I didn’t feel well.  I was exhausted.  Not unusual, I have a plethora of illnesses, many of which cause fatigue.  But this was mono-like fatigue.  I could hardly walk.  I had a dream that I had cancer.  But I […]

Frankenstein re-visited

Rarasaur’s Prompt for the Promptless topic for the week is one that I have talked about extensively: Re-make: “To make anew or in a different form” I never struggle for conversation starters.  After all, I have a boob “re-made” from my abdomen. Most people are absolutely fascinated by this.  I have been stripped on multiple occasions by […]

Chemo’s Wear on Hair Part One

Wild hair in Hawaii before Chemo Thicker, curly hair is supposed to be a “perk” after chemotherapy after it grows back.  My hair was already at the pinnacle of thick and curly, as seen in the photo above, yes, I would rival the Wild Woman of Borneo!  I imagined that I would have an Afro-like effect, requiring […]

A New Hope

After my mastectomy, I decided to get a “bean bag boob”, as I lovingly call it. It was a bean bag shaped like a boob, it could go in any water, it did not set off the airport alarms and it was cheap.  Since I wanted a permanant fix I decided this would be ok […]