Lifeless Corpse (Haiku)

Life cut short, we mourn your rejection of His Grace. Saturating tears ************** Hell’s fire, treasure yours Hindsight seizes inner thoughts: Could I have said more? *************** Witnessed chance now lost Those hesitant moments passed! Your soul the true cost I have periods where I feel terrible about my poor witness for my faith.  Lost souls haunt me […]

Mars Haiku

Varigated Rusts Glowing Semi-precious Jewell Galaxy Neighbor I did not submit my Haiku for the MARS contest.  I figured there were so many better poems, why try? I have seen some of the poems on the blogs I follow and I am amazed at the talent that is displayed every day in the wordpress world. […]

Wind Tunnel Haiku

Obstructed breathing Constricted strangulation Constipated air A Haiku for all the sufferers out there who cant breathe well from allergies or asthma or, in my case, upper airway obstruction. I thought it was fitting on my surgery day.  Any and all prayers are very welcome to me! Picture: blognostics.net

Mindful Balance Haiku

Static state of mind “Have to” must equal “want to” Make time to just “be” ************ Peaceful mindfulness Synchronous with values Seek quiet moments   Picture: sheilamsimpson.com                                                                                              

Ah-Choo-Mumu Haiku

Sharp, short burst of air Nostril clearing dance with death Clarity again Some of my favorite songs are from “Veggie Tales”.  Totally my kind of humor.  My brother and I will laugh at the classic castle scene A-La-Monty Python in “Josh and the Giant Peas” and our kids just roll their eyes and call us stupid.  […]

Detritus Haiku–Earth Day

Animals consume Trash discarded carelessly Bringing death to all This bird died full of bits of trash on an island 2000 miles from any shoreline. The colored pieces are trash from it’s intestines. How many of these birds will die from our carelessness? Remember where your trash may end when you carelessly discard it on […]

Fog and Veil

free-naturewallpaper.com Trapped in fog-filled days Rain saturates flesh and bone Lassitude kills will ******************** Brain soggy and dull I float in this dreamland lull Life behind the veil ****************** Gray landscaped canvas Deepest dark green grass gives hope Bright-hued skies…..someday