Other Poems

Span (Reverse Nonet)

For Voices of Poetry and Prose photo prompt Mondays:  Read the below, can you guess what it is? Go look at Kira’s blog and see if you were right!  🙂  Then go to my other blog and see my OTHER poem! LOL, I had time on my hands today at the orthodontists’ office….. Brick fortress! […]

Drip Drop

Drip drip drop I have nasal showers;  it’s really not embarrassing at all ◊ Drip drip drop this flow is powered  with the thunder of Nigeria falls 🙂 ◊ Drip drip drop and the allergic flowers haven’t even made their first seasonal call ◊ Drip drip drop it flows hour by hour;  I look like I’m having […]

A Meal Divided Does Not Empty

have I have post Thanksgiving Hangover.  The bloated feeling the someone has mistakenly thought I was a turkey and stuffed me until I am  overflowing; the uncontrolled regurgitation of last night’s  repast;  the acidic, slightly nauseous lethargy;  the sick wish that I could get rid of a little of it; the idea that drinking a cup of coffee is a torture device […]

Fly-By-Night Fortune

Fractious, forlorn fear…… fluctuating fortune flies……. frustrating forecast…… Farewell Financial Freedom http://www.illustrationsource.com Our hyper-bubbled stock market and rising unemployment and economic uncertainty was the theme for this “f” laced poem.

On the Wings of Time

I fly at the speed of light on the wings of time to blazing galaxies, spiraling, scintillate all tightly bound by infinite design. I flee from magnetic fire-filled orbs spell-bound by desire-drugged sensuous gaze. I retreat from ardent heart-pounding obsession rife with soul-rending, long-languished unease. I escape from memories, fading to grey-shaded pain a half-life, fissured between […]

Forlorn Pleides

Falling into…. despair Festering wounds unseen Failure seizes all thought Forsake mad existence Flee blind as fear…. engulfs Fly to dark depths unknown Foment restless sleeping — ♥ ♥ ♥ —   Thanks to: Kira My Pen, My Sword   and Greg Memoirs of a Dragon for great poetry forms…..I stole the description below outright from Greg’s last poem. PS: […]

Attraction Reaction Etheree

Fire Passion Hot ardor Smoldering heat Flaring emotions Boiling, red-hot anger Volatile declarations Vacate with a bang and a flash Tears carbonize ventricle edges Curbed,  fire and ice create flowing water Ice Restraint Arctic vibe Chilling retreat Glacial hardening Stiffened, white-frost anger Frigid repudiation Abide as veins harden to ice Tears glaciate ventricle edges Curbed, fire and ice create calm  synergy (Written […]