Shenandoah (song)

Shenandoah is one of my mom’s favorite songs.  It was a River boat song sung by the men as they worked the rivers in the 1900’s.  There are a load of stanzas that were added by the river workers, some of them a bit raunchy.  Sorry, I picked the clean version.  And it is a […]

Unforgettable (Song)

A little Nat King Cole for all of you lovers out there……

“Silent Worship” (Song)

This song was made popular by the Jane Austin movie “Emma”.  The song “Silent Worship” is a 1928 adaptation by Arthur Somervell of the aria “Non lo dirò col labbro“[1] from Handel‘s 1728 opera Tolomeo (Ptolemy).[2] Somervell’s English-language adaptation is for voice and piano, and it has remained a popular classic in song recitals and […]

Bless the Lord O My Soul (Song)

I spent a little time recording between my vigil with my dad to cope a bit. In times like this I find that hymns and century old songs are the most meaningful to me. This one, though, is modern with an old flair. Toward the end I get a little choked up and have a […]

It is well with my soul

One of my favorite songs of my dad’s is the hymn “It is well with my soul”.  A beautiful song written by a man who lost his entire family from an accident.  The ability to write such a song speaks of a peace that passes all understanding.  My mom is at peace with dad’s death. […]

“Weep You No More Sad Fountains” Song

Composed by Gustav Holst in 1903 (poem anonymous but questionably written by John Dowland in the 1500’s), “Weep You No More Sad Fountains” is a lovely burial song that has made many comebacks over the years, most recently for Sense and Sensibility.  Beautifully sung by Kate Winslet, it has a haunting quality that I really like. […]

Away In A Manger (A Capella)

If you did not read my O Come Emmanuel post, I have been recording on a new mic with a feedback reducer. While the mic is cheap, the reducer, also cheap, is priceless! I am to sing this Christmas Eve, I think. If I don’t faint before getting up that is. I have rather severe […]