My Theory of Everything: Resonance and String Theory

By now, if you have followed my eclectic blog for a while, you know that I like to visualize and connect dots together.  I call these musings my “Theory of Everything”.  I love theories.  Especially conspiracy theories.  Boy, can those people connect some dots!  I find them fascinating, and surprisingly, if you follow their big […]

Region 3 Disaster Follow up

The New York Times posted a piece stating that a simulated US wide EMP disaster drill is planned for Nov 13/14.  The drill is called “Grid X II”.  The final planning phase is to be completed on October 1.  Could this be the reason for the massive mobilization of the army and supplies? The Washington […]

Wormwood: Prophecy is absolutely amazing (revised and expanded version)

Originally posted on End Time Bible Prophecy:
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My Theory of Everything Part Two–“The Son of Man”

Disclaimer: this is a very Christian post with a radical theme.  Just a warning. Since Easter is imminent, I decided to do a study on a Title that Jesus constantly gave himself in the Gospel of Mark.  I am the kind of person who wants to know the background, the “why’s”, and I love to connect […]

A Theory of Everything?

I love Theoretical Physics.  Not the math–YIKES!  But the IDEAS are amazing.  String theory–that the tiniest particles that make up our universe are little resonant strings that respond to sound.  Reminds me of a beautiful phrase in the Bible “The Heavens Declare the Glory of God”–little particles resonating to create universal music. Perhaps that is why […]

Then There Be Dragons

The following is half in earnest and half in fantasy fun.  Although I still think I may be on to something….and no, I have not hit my head or stopped my bipolar meds.  If nothing else, it is an Interesting Idea…at least I hope you think so.  I welcome any comments as to whether I […]