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List of Posts in Order

If you want to see my posts by list in order, (with the oldest on the bottom) please feel free to click on them below!  Many of my posts are stories from the past and poems, but woven throughout are current serialized events and stories as well.  Happy reading, and feel free to comment anytime! Some of my best stuff is hidden at the bottom where no one ever trod, so I am hoping this page will bring them to light a bit. Exception: My “quotes” have a page of their own!

Song: Away in a manger
Song: O Come Emmanuel
Song: O Little Town of Bethlehem

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Post: Finding Rainbows in the Waiting
Post: Watching and Waiting
Post: Going Crazy in Crazyville Part II
Post: Research Proven Flu Remedy
Post: Stuffitis
Post: Tissue Plugs
Post: Junkitis
Poem: Black Friday Haiku
Post: Nightmare from Gas Leak
Post: Resonance and String Theory

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Post: International Label Day
Post: My Life in Nicknames
Post: Going Crazy in Crazyville
Poem: Fly By Night Fortune
Post: Darker Clouds Bring Brighter Rainbows
Post: Cloudy with a Hope of Silver Linings
Post: Our Fragile Electrical System
Poem: The Journey of a Little Seed
Post:  Flash Flood Fears
Humor Post: Urine Luck That My Husband is your Owner

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Post: The Boy Who Fell on my Head
Post:  Eat a Leaf and Relieve the Pain
Post:Gratitude and Silver Linings
Post: Do what the bottle says
Post: My Medical Mystery
Post: Thieves’ Oil
Post:Cancun and 20 Years of Marriage
Post:A Universal Truth
Post: Tossing My Coffee….
Post: My Chronic Phantom Nipple Itch
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Post: Marvellous Murderous Mexican Margaritas
Region 3 Disaster Follow Up
Poem: On the Wings of Time
Post: Fibromyalgia Remedies
A Triad of Teenage Tragedy
Humor Post:
Mr Fluffer
Humor Post:
I Am Done with That was Fun
Humor Post: I Am Not a Good Incubator
Humor Post:
I Was Late To My Own Wedding
WP One Year Anniversary
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Post: Facebear
Post: The Agony Of Loss
What Once Was
A Mystery Delivery
A Costly Texting Mess
Post: Birds of a Feather
Post: Rage
A Little Camp Drama
Obsessive Compulsion
Humor Post:
Melanin Challenged
≈ ♥ ≈
Post: Countdown to Camp
Humor Post: Peeblaster to the Rescue
Post: Doin Paleo My Way
Post: Supernatural Experiences
Post: Intuition and Deja vu
Post: Post 200
Poem: Forlorn Pleides
Poem: Epiphany Fibonacci
Poem: Attraction Reaction Etheree
Poem: Tribute Fibonacci
≈ ♥ ≈
Post: Banished Bangs
Poem: Mars Haiku
Humor Post: Life Snippet #1
Post: To Paleo or not to Paleo
Post: Bye Bye Alcohol…NOT
Post: Cherry Pickin’ Time
Post: The Hell of Call
Humor Post: My New Nipple has Eyelashes and is Winking at ME
Post: Losing My Marbles
A Capella Song: Tangled Incantation (Song)
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Christian Post: The Tide of Belief
Poem: Hope Fibonacci
Humor Post: Close Encounter of the Vac-Alien Kind
Post: Life with Father
Post: My Parents are my Neighbors
A Capella:  Les Mis: Castle on a Cloud
Poem: Obsession
Humor Post: What Happened to the Attitude of Gratitude?
Post: Virtual Bullying
Poem: Triquain: Tethered
≈ ♥ ≈
Poem: The Nail that Impaled, Part Two
Post: The Nail that Impaled, Part One
Post: Working Gags
Post: Having a Glass Body Day
Poem: Wave Song
Humor Post: Trimming Stitches
Poem: Regret Fibonacci
Humor Post: Food Blues
Humor Post: Dead Tongue Talking
Post: My Ignored Vision Board
 ≈ ♥ ≈
Poem: Wind Tunnel Haiku
Poem: Dread Nonet
Post: I Dared To Change My Hair
A Capella: Unforgettable
Poem: Sinceridad Shadorma
Humor Poem: Ode To Saggy Baggy Pants
Post/poem: Life On The (Bi)Polar Express
Humor Post: Tongue Talk
Humor Poem: Ode To The Nose That Flows
Humor Post: I Am A Mom. I Have A Title. Now Use It.
≈  ♥  ≈
Post: My Lining Isn’t Silver, It’s Gold
Song/A Capella: Land of Love
Song/A Capella: Walking in the Air
Poem: Liberty Bus Accident Poem
Post: The Bus That Flew Over A Ravine
Post: Frankenstein Re-visited
Song/A Capella: Peace
Poem: Mindful Balance Haiku
Post: Darling Darrin
Humor Poem: Ah-Choo-Mumu Haiku
Humor Poem: Ode to a Floating Dust Mote
≈  ♥  ≈
Humor Poem: Ode to the Hair We Wear
Post: Chemo’s Wear on Hair
Poem: Detritus Haiku on Earth Day
Poem: Distortion Fibonacci
Poem: Ode to Obstructed Breathing Flow
Poem: Fog and Veil
Christian Poem: A New Life Haiku
Post: Children on Dialysis
Post: I Can Dialyze An Orange
Poem: Drought
≈  ♥  ≈
Poem: Catharsis Fibonacci
Christian Post: The Axe in the Tax, Just a Few Facts
Poem: Frayed Gray Days
Humor Poem: Dishing Donuts
Poem: Oh Lost Generation
Humor Post: Litmus Me Up Scotty
Humor Post: Dyin for Donuts
Humor Post: Lumpy Pudding
Post: The Yin and Yang of Work and Home
≈  ♥  ≈
Humor Poem/Post: Ode to the Hair on my Chinny Chin Chin
Poem: Unsynched Pendulum
Poem: Respite
Post: Red, Red Wine
Post/Poem: My Gingy Doll
Post: Razing Arizona
Poem/Post: The Reece’s Egg Caper
Poem: Divine Prayer
Poem: Hopeful Health Haiku
Humor Post: Confessions From a Die-Hard Licker
≈  ♥  ≈

Humor Post: Beware the Words Upgrade and Mustang
Christian Poem: Life Dreams Haiku
Post: WordPress Lurkers
Christian Poem: Treasures in Heaven Haiku
Post/Poem: Fibromyalgia
Christian Poem: Agape Haiku
Post/Poem: The Dark Side of Secrets and Lies
Poem: Baby Haiku
Humor Post/Poem: Addiction Restrictions
Post: The Slavery of Salaried

≈  ♥ ≈
Post/A Capella: Amazing Grace
Post: The Alphabet of Christianity
Post: Unsung Heroes
Humor Post: I’m Tagged, Yippee!
Poem/A Capella: When You Ask the Lord Your God
Post: Wishing On A Falling Star
Post: A Theory of Everything?
Children’s Poem: The Ray that Strayed
Original Song/A Capella: My Lost Twisted Road
Humor Post: Eclectic Directions
 ≈  ♥  ≈
Post/song: Falling in Love
Post/Poem: Then There Be Dragons
Birthday post/poem (humor): The Things that Middle Age Bring
Illness post/poem: A Nod to Raynaud’s Phenomenom
Poem: Poetry in Motion
Humor Post: Words that make you go Ewww….
Children’s Poem: A Whale of a Tale
Humor Post/poem: Ode to a Commode
Humor Post: The Words of a Nerd
Poem: Ode to Newly Fallen Snow

≈  ♥  ≈
Post: Saving the Box
Humor post/poem:My Restless Site Syndrome

Poem:The Gun That Killed Poncho Villa
Christmas post/poem: O Christmas Free
Poem: A Mother’s Plea
Christmas post/poem: The Allure of Advent
Christmas Poem: A Child’s Last Christmas
Poem: Mi Hermano
Humor post/poem: My Moans About Scones
Christian poem: Distraction Attraction 
≈  ♥  ≈
Breast Cancer post/poem: Drain Pain
Post/poem (Thanksgiving): A Meal Divided Cannot Stand
Post/poem: I’m A Meatbag in a Body Suit
Post/poem (Thanksgiving): O Give Thanks Unto the Lord
Poem: Frail Garin
Humor Poem: Ode to the Weeds That Seed
Post/Poem (Hurricaine Sandy): My “Sandy” Vacation
Christian poem: Divine Creation
Children’s Poem: Dr Seuss: My Fig Wig and Puce Striped Pants
Breast Cancer Poem: A New Hope

≈  ♥  ≈
Breast Cancer Poem: Life After Chemotherapy
Breast Cancer Poem: My Life on Chemotherapy
Humor Poem: Ode to the Air We Share
Humor poem: Ode to the Poo We Doo
Christian poem: My Prayer for Bella
Breast cancer poem:Triumph Over Mutilation
Christian poem: Freedom
Children’s poem: To Dr Seuss, With Love
Christian poem: Sonrise
Breast Cancer Poem: Ode to my Diseased Right Boob


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