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Ode to the Burp we Slurp

I “created” this as a dare during a dinner with my daughter and her slightly mental best friend.  As I get along better with the slightly mental best friend (now named SMBF), I dont know what that says about myself….or my daughter….anyway, after an almost-fall-off-my-seat gustatory explosion, I was dared to write an Ode within […]

The IRS is on the phone….

My husband and I did something really really stupid.  For two smart professionals we are mere infants when it comes to financial savvy.  My husband has a fatalistic view of America’s financial health and feels that a major crash is inevitable.  Based on that premise, he decided to take out some money from his retirement […]

How to SNAG a man….

I admit it.  I have an awful sense of humor.  I decided to create a Top Ten for SNAGging a Man.  If you are easily offended please skip this one!  I shall now go back “into my corner”…. 10. Don’t be a nag 9. Exercise fiendishly, no matter how much you want to drag… 8. Bat […]

Ode to the Middle Aged Size of my Thighs

There is a body part I do not prize and that is the lumpy size of my thighs! For while getting older makes one wise, it spreads the body to an ever larger size. My thighs always won the humor prize, with varicose veins as fat as French fries. And no matter how many stairsteps […]

The Physics of Sin

This is a very Christian themed post.  If you aren’t into that, and you want to hear my song (of course you do  🙂 ) go down to the end…. Why God “made” or “allowed” sin is one of the greatest stumbling blocks to anyone seeking to understand the purpose of God’s salvation plan.  And […]

Turning 45 #7

I know I have turned 45 when my two favorite spa treatments are tucks and preparation H.

Turning 45 #6

I know I have turned 45 when…..my toenails are so thick that I have to clip them with garden shears!