Chronic Illness

“Sixty shots of lidocaine on the wall”

Needle sharp shafts… pierce my skin… and leave their mark… with tiny burning flames…. I tense again and again…. my face a stoic mask…. I am too terrified to speak… afraid that what little bravery I hold… will spill out of these bloody marks…. Snakelike sheaths march up my veins… I taste the burning cautery… […]

My doctor was not happy with me!

I saw my psychiatrist today and told him my story about the shaking and anxiety symptoms and that I stopped everything. “Those symptoms are not from anxiety.  You have blah-blah-blah-blah”.  Some long word that meant I was having a reaction from the Abilify. And as Drs do, he started me on a medication to stop […]

Im just a mess…no more

Hi, I’m Lori and I’ve been a hot mess. It’s a hard reality to admit to myself, let alone write that little sentence on my blog.  But I have been struggling since Summer, first with depression, then with an attack of OCD, then with an attack of irritable anger, then with an attack of severe anxiety.  […]

Dont do what your Dr says, do what the bottle says

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its  limits.” Albert  Einstein This is a post about stupidity.  My stupidity. You may not be interested. You may think, how much stupid can one woman have in one month?  I can answer that:  A LOT.  But I am posting this even though it makes […]

My Medical Mystery I have spent the past week laid up in bed.  Six days of vertigo and three days before that with vomiting and feeling like I am dying/passing out.  Head flat, lights off.  I drink and 15 minutes later I have to pee.  Dark pee.  Why cant I hold in any fluid? I have […]

Fibromyalgia Remedies

The following is for anyone with Fibromyalgia who want to know what foods can aid with pain and inflammation.  While Rheumatologists do not believe that FM is related to inflammation, a new study proves that FM patients have altered immune status.  The foods below are healthy for anyone, although not all are available in the […]

A Triad of Teenage Trajedy: Fibromyalgia, Bipolar and Anorexia

I was a very happy little girl with one exception. I did not feel like I could overcome obstacles in my way.  As a 3-year-old, my favorite phrase was, “I CANT like it mommy, I just CANT want to!” What I was trying to say was that it was impossible for me to do or […]