Humorous Tales

The IRS is on the phone….

My husband and I did something really really stupid.  For two smart professionals we are mere infants when it comes to financial savvy.  My husband has a fatalistic view of America’s financial health and feels that a major crash is inevitable.  Based on that premise, he decided to take out some money from his retirement […]

Silly Arguments

My husband and I get into the goofyest arguments. I guess it comes from the irritation of being married for too long.  After all, 20 years is a generation.   I have ISSUES, and one of them is anything that my cats put on the carpet that should be in their stomach or the litter box.  I […]

Dont get a Nursing Degree, Honey

Hubby: I’m going to work from home today to take care of you. Me: Oh, you shouldn’t. You didn’t get your flu shot and you haven’t been in the office in two weeks. Hubby: Im taking loads of stuff so I don’t get it, so don’t worry ok? After you have coughed all over me […]

Gettin “Da Floo”

I have all the classic signs of da floo.  And boy did it hit me fast and hard.  One minute I was working at my desk and then *cough*–*cough cough*.  Within 30 minutes, and that is not an exaggeration, my eyes were burning and I was coughing with a wet undertone. Within 5 hours I […]

Returning Gifts

For the first time in, well, EVER, I did not have to return anything in the mad after-Christmas rush.  Mainly because my dad, the man who hates all gifts except for what he exactly wants, is still sucking on a breathing tube in the ICU. But I had already determined that this year I will […]

Tissue Plugs

I have a runny nose. Not just your run of the mill, wipe now and then runny nose.  No, I have a full flowing dripping faucet.  I suspect RSV, as I was exposed last week to it.  And RSV is the mother of all runny noses.  I also feel 100% of the time like  I […]

“Ur-ine” luck that my husband is your owner

This is Taffy (aka Mr Fuzzypants). His hair is so long he has to be kept shaved.  We shave him like a little lion except the tuft of his tail, his ruff and his legs.  Doors and cats are a bit of a problem.  That’s because cats are sneaky and love small spaces.  And closets […]