Important ADHD/Depression study

This is an important post for anyone suffering from attention related deficits.  I have attention issues from multiple health related problems, so I did start taking this and have noticed a decrease in my fogginess and improved short term memory.  It is worth looking into.  EMPowerplus is available online at Amazon.com A nutritional supplement packed […]

The Federal Reserve and the Gold Ponzi scheme

This is a 20 minute video from Glenn Beck, who discusses why the Federal Reserve could not meet Germany’s demand for their gold, and why the part that was returned had been melted down. A disturbing review with global implications.

Theory of Everything: Earth’s Deep Oceans

Scientists have just discovered vast quantities of water under the earth’s surface, forming a water cycle with the earth’s oceans.  This opens a real possibiltiy for the credence of the historic worldwide flood, as told in the Bible, where “fountains of the deep” opened up and flooded the earth’s surface (Gen 7:11).  I posted the possibility of […]

Turning 45 #5

I know I have turned 45 when…..I make a funny face, and it oh-so-slowly fades away…

Turning 45 #4

I know I have turned 45 when….my teeth are a shade yellower than my gold earings.

Turning 45 #3

I know I have turned 45 when….. there are more stains on my teeth than in my coffee cup. Author: Lori Pinkley

When I Fall in Love (A Capella)

For Valentine’s Day I decided to sing “When I Fall In Love”.  To all of you are love, be blessed and my you have a romantic and memory filled night.  To those who don’t, I hope this song will bring you the warm fuzzies.