Catamaran in Kauai

The only way the NaPali coast can be viewed is by boat or air, and as my mom does not like helicoptors we decided to take a 5 hour dinner tour. On the way we visited the Kauai Coffee Company, the largest coffee grower in the US, with 3100 acres of perfection.  We tasted several varieties and left with waaayy too much, but the prices were fantastic for Blue Mountain Kona and Peabody!


Now THERE is a proper coffee cup!  LOL!


Green coffee beans on the plant. I buy and roast this most of the time.

We stopped off at a beautiful Japanese style garden as well.   So tranquil and inspiring!


A rare sighting of my son, who has hated every minute of this trip!

The Catamaran was fantastic.  I stood at the front for the entire journey to the Napali coast, mesmerized over the visual display.  About 1/4 of the people on the ship were violently seasick, including my mom, but not me! I could do that every day for the rest of my life.  Except I would need to take out stock in a sunscreen company!  And no, no sunburn, I was slick with sunscreen all over me.  My husband took about 100 pictures, but I will bore you with only a few!


Garin liked about half of the trip then got bored, as usual!  Jenyn was mildly seasick, but I kept stuffing Dramamine down her, so she did ok with it.


Little waterfalls flowing off the island into the ocean.  Cool.  I adore waterfalls!


There are no words beautiful enough to describe this.


2 comments on “Catamaran in Kauai

  1. I have never been on a catamaran… Where are the cats? LOL!

    • HAHA. I named a cat once after the Hobie Catamaran (named him Hobie Cat). His brother was Hobbes :)Catamarans are awesome unless you have issues with seasickness due to the bouncing over the waves. Then not so good. I love them! They are a joyride! The wind is pretty ruthless and if one has long hair it quickly becomes full of tangled snarls. I couldn’t comb it out after I came home! You also get sprayed…ALOT!

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