Waimea Canyon

I don’t think I have words to describe the beauty of Waimea Canyon and these pictures don’t do it justice!  One can spend days there hiking on the trails and letting the beauty of God’s perfect palatte sink into your soul.

On the way to the Canyon, we stopped by a couple waterfalls.  I love, really love, waterfalls! They mesmerize me. And since there are no waterfalls where I live,  any time I get to see one I am lost in the wonderment of the beauty and power of the water.

Opaeka’a Falls


Top of Wailua Falls–These falls are the “Fantasy Island” waterfall


Waimea Canyon Falls


Required picture with the falls in the background!


Waimea Canyon….yeeeouza!


8 comments on “Waimea Canyon

  1. It’s beautiful Lori. A perfect place to relax and unwind.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  2. That is beyond beautiful. Wow. The drive up there doesn’t sound like too much fun…yikes! The view is definitely worth it!!

    • It really is. My daughter got car sick and it was STILL worth it. For me, it blew the grand canyon out of the water. Wish I could have hiked some of the trails, but no time and no equipment. Plan on ruining shoes if you ever to hike due to the mud and the red soil that stains everything. We did start on one hike but it got crazy quick–Kauai’s hikes are rated as high as 9.5 on a 10 difficulty scale–and this momma cant hardly walk and chew gum without falling over my feet, let alone climb over big rocks and foot wide paths with 1000 foot drops! I told my husband I would love to train to go back just to hike. Some of the hikes require permits, and you have to prove that you are in excellent condition to get one. So many people have died on hikes in Kauai! I was continually amazed how the Polynesians lived on this island, they must have been mountain goats!

  3. Have yet to be to either place. Bucket List charter members! Looks spectacular!

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