Drip Drop

Drip drip drop I have nasal showers;
 it’s really not embarrassing at all

Drip drip drop this flow is powered
 with the thunder of Nigeria falls 🙂

Drip drip drop and the allergic flowers
haven’t even made their first seasonal call

Drip drip drop it flows hour by hour;
 I look like I’m having a really huge bawl

Drip drip drop as I wipe and scour;
my skin is growing ripe red and raw!

This weeks’ temperature difference is 70 degrees.  My nose is complaining bitterly about this change.  Sinus infections are festering pools of bacterial slime and mine is stalking me incessantly.


6 comments on “Drip Drop

  1. How can you turn such a messy condition into such a pleasant little poem?
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx Get well soon.

  2. Ugh! I can soooo relate to this…as I sneeze for another time! I like how you patterned it after April Showers – you’re too clever! Hope it clears up for you soon.

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